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What We Do

  • In-home Music & Activities for the elderly in Assisted Living Board & Care facilities and private homes promote physical & mental functioning and enhances self-esteem for house-bound Seniors

  • Customized activity programs based on the abilities and interests of the participants, designed for maximum enjoyment while stimulating memories & cognitive function and engagement with the audience

  • Sessions can be Activity-only, Music-only, Exercise-only or any combination, and are typically 1 hour, but can also be 45 minutes or 30 minutes. Many of our clients have multiple sessions per week to keep thier residents engaged and fully functioning.

  • Activities might include:
    • Memory Games
    • Music Performance
    • Singalong
    • Rhythm & Music
    • Trivia
    • History
    • Geography
    • Math/Numbers
    • Gentle Chair Exercise to music
    • Bingo/Cards/Board Games
    • Name That Tune
    • Breathing Exercises
    • Singing Lessons

    Periodic surveys are taken to ensure the interests of the participants are reflected in the program offerings. Monthly calendars are provided so that visitors can see that you are going above and beyond the standard.

    We use music in a variety of different formats to stimulate the memories of all participants, particularly those with significantly impaired memory. A 30-minute Music-only program may be a perfect fit for Dementia or Alzheimer’s residents. Alternatively, a 30-minute Exercise-only program with gentle movements designed to improve circulation is available for those who are chair-bound and wish to keep active. We also have a Combination program which has proved to be especially effective for mild to moderate dementia. Those who are still mentally alert will love our more challenging Trivia-based programs.With our staff of experienced Activity Directors and Musicians, we are able to provide a wide variety of programming options.

    Activities clients also receive significant discounts on our Vintage Shows. Many clients use these special event shows for family appreciation gatherings or birthday celebrations.

    For more information, pricing and scheduling, please contact Deborah Garrett at 888-449-5229 or deb@flashbacksingers.com.


"We give the elderly a reason to get up in the morning!"

Flashback Activities & Music
888-449-5229 or deb@flashbacksingers.com


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