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We took the challenge of many residents who cannot hear well, especially when the presenter is wearing a mask, and created an innovative interactive game that can be presented on a large-screen tv (or a remote virtual setting as well).`

A brand-new memory game that includes questions about history, travel, popular knowledge, culture, movies, music and more, specifically geared toward older adults! Live interactive sessions (in Orange County, CA only) and remote live Zoom presentations are both available.

Our multi-media format incorporates pictures and music which all audiences can enjoy. For those who love trivia, there is an opportunity to answer the questions and remember what they already know..for others, it may activate a memory that has been buried. Many participants will learn something new, which builds a new brain cell, and for everyone who pays attention it is exercise for their brains!

Here's a sample...

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us!

Deborah Garrett
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