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Benefits to Elder Care Facility Owners and Directors

The fact that you provide much needed assistance for the elderly means that you genuinely care for them. Today's challenging economic times and competitive market means that keeping your houses full is more important than ever. Offering services beyond the basic assisted living is becoming an industry standard for those who wish to attract and retain residents.

Our clients have found that keeping their residents engaged, entertained and active mentally and physically not only improves their outlook but increases their self-esteem and enjoyment of life resulting in a longer tenancy. When people are happy and have something to look forward to, they tend to be healthier and live longer, which means you don't have to keep looking for new residents.

Flashback Music Memories offers the highest quality activity programming in the area. Many of our clients engage our services for multiple sessions per week. With our experience and variety of games for all levels of cognition, we are able to provide the right fit of activities and skills for each client, and have the flexibility to offer engaging programs for active minds as well as Alzheimer's and memory care residents.

For more information, pricing and scheduling, please contact Deborah Garrett at 949.371.5395.


"We give the elderly a reason to get up in the morning!"

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